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The Basics of Air Conditioning Units

Learning the Basics of Central Air Conditioning Units

Everybody should know basic information about their air conditioning systems, including when to change the air filter and other related details. By understanding the basic ins and outs of HVAC systems, one can avoid costly repairs and keep their system running efficiently for years.

Here, one can learn everything they need about caring for their AC system. If they ever have questions about a specific problem, they should consult a qualified professional as soon as possible.

Know the Most Common Types of AC Systems

ductless mini-splitNot all homes are the same – and neither are their AC units. Different AC units meet different homes’ needs. To understand the basics of their air conditioning system, one should know the most common types, which include:

  • Central air conditioners: These are common in newer homes. A central AC system cools the entire house, not just one room. It relies on a system of ducts and vents to promote airflow.
  • Ductless air conditioners: Many AC units rely on ducts. Ducts are metal tunnels in the ceiling that blow cool air. However, some systems do not have ducts, including ductless AC. Sources note that ductless AC systems use less energy than systems that rely on ducts.

Know When an AC System Needs Repairs

high energy billsIf someone notices any of the following signs, they should schedule a visit with a professional. The longer certain problems fester, the more damage they can cause. Some signs that an AC system needs repairs include:

  • Air doesn’t get cold: If the AC isn’t generating cold air, this could point to several problems. First, one should try replacing the air filter. If that doesn’t work, they should consult a professional.
  • Higher energy bills: If energy bills are higher than normal, the AC may need maintenance or repairs.
  • Hot air comes out of the vents: The compressor is likely broken if hot air comes out of the AC’s vents. The compressor is what keeps air cold and flowing through the system.
  • Unpleasant sounds come from the AC system: If one hears hissing or shrieking noises coming from the AC, this could point to a broken motor fan.

Understand the Basics of AC Maintenance

There are things homeowners can do to maintain their AC systems. Some of these measures include:

  • Routinely changing the air filter: EnergyStar notes that one should change their AC’s air filter once every three months. One should change their filter even more frequently if they have pets.
  • Scheduling annual maintenance checks: One should schedule an appointment with an AC professional at least once every year. Ideally, they should schedule the appointment at the beginning of summer. This way, they won’t have to wait weeks to visit with a professional. Also, a professional can catch problems before the AC system is used around the clock.
  • Dusting the vents: The AC unit’s vents can get dusty, making it hard for the appliance to maintain the home’s indoor air quality. It can also force the system to work “over time,” increasing energy bills.

Many people have their AC units in closets. It’s tempting to use that closet for storage. However, one should keep the area around their AC unit clear. This lets the unit breathe and do its job properly.

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