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Get your home ready for summer — give our team at Gresham Heating and Air Conditioning a call. We're the leading AC service company in Gresham, OR, and offer a wide range of air conditioning services, including but far from limited to:

Our HVAC experts can install, repair, or maintain any cooling system from any brand and provide lasting solutions fast at competitive prices. Even better, as a trade ally of Energy Trust of Oregon, we offer eco-friendly solutions that will minimize your carbon footprint and lower your utility bills.

We can handle all your residential or commercial HVAC needs—get in touch with our team today!

Quality Cooling System Installation

Whether you’re building a new home here in Gresham or your existing air conditioner has reached the end of its useful life, our team can help you find the perfect cooling system for your space.

While we’re a Ruud Pro Partner, we can install both ductless and central air conditioners from any brand. We offer the best prices and the most attractive warranties possible.

Our AC installation process is quick and mess-free. If you have concerns about the cost of getting a new air conditioner, we even have financing options to simplify paying for AC installation services.

Do You Need AC Repairs?

As a leading Gresham AC company, we can also fix all AC types and brands. Our team is available 24/7 to provide repair services. We'll get your unit back up and running in no time. Give us a call if you notice these or other issues:

  • Reduced energy-efficiency
  • Water leaking from the unit
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Unable to control the temperature
  • Strange sounds or odor coming from the unit
  • The system won’t turn on or keeps tripping off

Our technicians have all the equipment necessary to complete most AC repairs within a single visit and with minimal disruption to your property.

Contact us today for a comprehensive cooling system inspection and reliable AC repairs.

Save Money With AC Maintenance Services

The best way to stop AC problems before they start is to keep up with regular maintenance—we can help with that too. We also offer AC tune-ups!

We recommend getting a professional tune-up at least once a year to maintain your AC’s energy-efficiency and improve indoor air quality. Yearly maintenance also prevents sudden AC breakdowns and extends your unit’s lifespan. This inexpensive service can save you hundreds of dollars over the years by minimizing your cooling expenses.

Map of Gresham, OR
Corey R.

Corey R.

Inspected system for safety inspection and yearly maintenance. Inspected filter and tested both the furnace and condensate pump. After a safety inspection and servicing, overall system performance is optimal. Due to outdoor and garage activities I highly recommend annual maintenance, a thorough cleaning of each piece of equipment and yearly filter change. As a local business, your opinion and friend/family referrals mean the world to us. If you’d like to share your experience with the office or better yet leave a review on your preferred platform, we look forward to hearing from you!

Near SW 17th St, Gresham, OR 97080

Map of Mount Hood Village, OR
Corey R.

Corey R.

Arrived onsite, customer showed me to ductless mini split not heating the home. We found the unit with errors of low refrigerant. I pulled the charge from the unit and found it with 2.5 out of the 6 lbs it should have. I added the remaining 3.5 to the unit to get them heat until we can return to locate and repair the units leak. Unit runs at this time but will need to be address soon.

Near Mount Hood Village, OR 97067

Map of Wood Village, OR
Corey R.

Corey R.

Arrived onsite, customer showed me to heat pump not heating the home. I found the air handler blower motor will not start. I replaced the blowers start capacitor with the customers approval and the unit now runs as it should. I informed the customer this is a sign the blower itself will soon fail and due to the units age of 1988 the full system will need to be replaced proactively. He agreed and will plan accordingly.

Near NE Sandy Blvd, Wood Village, OR 97060

Map of Gresham, OR
Corey R.

Corey R.

Arrived onsite, customer showed me to heat pump not working consistently. I found the unit not responding to a call for defrost. The unit has ice on the coil. I forced the unit into defrost and it began working. This defrost board and its sensors need to be replaced under warranty. Unit is Em heat until we return to facilitate the repair. Returned and replaced defrost board. I tested the unit, everything came on working.

Near NE Francis Ave, Gresham, OR 97030

Map of Gresham, OR
Corey R.

Corey R.

Arrived onsite, customer showed me to furnace intermittently heating the home. I inspected the unit and found it needing maintenance but more important it was overheating. No changes in airflow and a recently changed filter points to a failing heat exchanger. The heat coming from the vents was nearly 70 degrees warmer, too hot for the systems parameters. I informed the customer and quoted them for replacing the furnace and advised also changing the AC at this time due to the systems age.

Near SW 30th Dr, Gresham, OR 97080

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