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Now Is Not the Time For Faulty Heaters!

There Are 3 Main Culprits To a Faulty Heater

As the months grow colder, the last thing homeowners need to worry about is their indoor air quality and whether or not they need to have heater repair services. Unfortunately, homeowners can fall victim to a faulty heater at any time, and finding an HVAC company can sometimes prove to be quite difficult. Even homeowners that have their furnace professionally maintained every year could still experience surprise breakdowns. So, it is important that homeowners are aware of some of the most common issues that strike heating systems. 

Knowing these issues could save the homeowner from having to invest in surprise furnace installation as well. 

The Unit Isn’t Big Enough For the Home 

It might seem self-explanatory, but if the wrong sized heater is installed into a home, it won’t be able to heat the house sufficiently. This is one of the main reasons it is so important to hire a trusted and experienced professional when installing a heating system. 

A heater that is too small for the home could even lead to consequences, some of which can be dangerous! 

These consequences include: 

  • An astronomical heating bill
  • The system could breakdown from overworking itself
  • It could even lead to a house fire from overworking and overheating

Of course, a furnace that is too big for the home can also lead to excessive energy bills. It will turn on and off more often than it needs to because it creates heat pockets within the home, while some areas remain cold. 

It Could Be the Thermostatthermostat

Another common but not so obvious culprit to the problem is the thermostat. Most of the time, when the heater isn’t working properly, it is easiest to blame the furnace itself. However, there could very well be something going on with the thermostat that is causing the issues felt within the home. 

The thermostat tells the heater when to kick on and off, so if the thermostat isn’t working properly, this explains why the heater isn’t heating the home sufficiently. 

Some common thermostat problems include: 

  • The battery is dead
  • Where it is placed within the home
  • It needs to be cleaned
  • It’s not level
  • It’s old
  • It wasn’t installed properly 

If the thermostat is causing problems, it might be time for thermostat installation services. Fortunately, this is a relatively cheap and quick fix and can get homeowners back to enjoying a warm house in no time. 

hvac Check the Outdoor Unit For Debris! 

It is all too easy for leaves and other fallen debris to cause clog up certain things and cause issues within the home. The heating system is no different. If there are leaves surrounding the outdoor unit, the heating system won’t work properly. 

This is perhaps the easiest thing homeowners can check for themselves before even calling a professional. If they clear away the debris and notice the problem continues, it is probably a good time to go ahead and call a professional for assistance. It is always better to be safe than sorry! 

Gresham Heating and Air Conditioning Has the Answers

In business since 1992, there is a reason Gresham Heating and Air Conditioning continues to gain customer trust. They are great at what they do, so Gresham homeowners can feel protected day and night! To learn more or to get scheduled for heating service, be sure to call today!