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It Can Never Be Too Early for AC Maintenance

Getting a Headstart on Spring Maintenance

It’s no big secret that the best practices for AC systems include maintenance. And springtime is usually the time many homeowners get their AC maintenance knocked out. Fall is usually when the heating system is checked. But, since spring is right around the corner, it’s important for homeowners to know why now is the perfect time for AC maintenance. 

Some homeowners may be tempted to cut corners and do the AC maintenance themselves. While a homeowner without any special training may be able to check some of the things that require maintenance, it requires a professional tech to get it done right. And when it’s done right, the AC system will continue running for many years to come. 

Technician changing out AC filter

The Perfect Time for AC Maintenance is Right Now

Many homeowners like to wait until spring has actually sprung before they get their AC maintenance done. This is good so long as the maintenance gets done. The problem is that life comes pretty fast, and the months can fly by before anyone knows what happened. Before too long, the summer is in full swing, and the AC is in use all day. If the AC hasn’t been done, many people decide to put it off until next year. 

In actuality, the best time to get AC maintenance done is when it’s on the homeowner’s mind. And getting it out of the way before the AC is in full use can help ward off expensive repairs. It can also help keep the air in the home clean by making sure the AC components are clean and operating safely. 

Components That Should Be Tuned-Up and Checked

The AC is out of sight and out of mind for the most part. This means that many homeowners don’t think about the complexities of the system until they have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix it. AC systems are actually very complex. Here are some things that are checked during routine AC maintenance. 

Electrical terminals are checked and tightened, making sure the connections are secure. Belts and hardware connections are checked and secured to prevent loosening the components, which can cause damage over time. Moving parts need to be lubricated and inspected. Refrigerant levels are checked and topped off if needed. Filters are changed and ducts inspected for holes that could reduce efficiency. The entire system is also cleaned and inspected before the inspection is done. 

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The Benefits of Annual Spring AC Maintenance

There are several benefits of spring maintenance. The most obvious include the prevention of costly repairs and emergency breakdowns. Filter changes and regular cleaning can help the air in the home stay clean. It can also save the homeowners money by maintaining the AC system’s efficiency. Regular maintenance can also provide homeowners with peace of mind. The sooner the AC maintenance is done, the sooner the homeowners can breathe easy. 

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