Air Handler Services in Gresham

Are you having problems with your air handler? You can count on us for quality repair and replacement services in Gresham or elsewhere in Multnomah and Clackamas Counties.

Your AC consists of various components working together to keep your interior air cool and clean. Your air handler is one such component, and as its name implies, it handles air inflow and outflow from your home.

If your air handler isn’t working the way it should, reach out to our team at Gresham Heating and Air Conditioning for reliable air handler solutions in Gresham, OR. We handle everything from air handler installation and repair to maintenance and replacement. There’s no cooling system problem our NATE-certified technicians can’t handle!

Not sure your air handler is the problem? Not a problem. We offer a wide range of AC repair services.

What Is an Air Handler?

Your AC’s air handler is the part you see inside the house. It looks like a box and contains various essential components, such as your AC’s fans, filters, dampers, and sound attenuators. As you can imagine, this component sees a lot of use, making it one of the most common culprits when an AC stops working.

If your air handler develops a problem, your AC will struggle with sucking warm air out of your home and replacing it with cool air. Your unit may also consume more power even though it is delivering less cooling.

Signs You Need Air Handler Repair

Here are a few signs that suggest you may need air handler repair or replacement:

  • Reduced airflow: A drop in air pressure from your AC could mean the blower motor is malfunctioning or a blockage in the air handler’s vents.
  • Inadequate cooling: The evaporator coils, which cool the air released by your AC, are within the handler. Warm instead of cool air coming from your vents could indicate your handler has a problem.
  • Noisy performance: Any banging, screeching, or grinding sounds coming from the AC could mean the blower motor or other air handler components are loose. Ignoring the problem could lead to extensive damage to your AC or even a fire.

Dirt clogging up the system is one major cause of air handler issues. At Gresham Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer yearly AC maintenance that will keep your air handler in top condition.

Your evaporator coil could also be to blame for many of these AC issues — we can fix that too. Call us today!

Why Choose Us?

If your air handler stops working, you don’t have to wait hours to get help. Our team can provide emergency air handler repairs during our normal business hours, anywhere in Gresham. Our pricing is competitive, and since we are a trade ally of Energy Trust of Oregon, we only provide energy-efficient solutions.

When you choose us for all your air handler needs, you can expect:

  • Easy scheduling
  • On-time solutions with quick turnaround times
  • The latest technology for each job
  • Courteous technicians
  • Honest advice
  • No mess left behind

Call 503-667-7594 today to schedule superior air handler solutions from Gresham Heating and Air Conditioning in Gresham, OR.