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3 Tips to Prepare the Heater For Fall Weather

Autumn HVAC Tips

The beginning of fall is an exciting time of year with cooler temperatures and the holiday season to look forward to. Prepping the heating system at the start of the new season is a good way to ensure it runs smoothly during the colder months. These three tips from industry professionals can help homeowners get their heating systems ready for fall festivities.

As the weather cools down, homeowners start firing up their heating systems to warm their home on cool autumn nights. Heating maintenance is essential to ensure systems work efficiently and prevent system failures after sitting unused for months. Homeowners can also help to keep their HVAC systems running smoothly by changing the air filters on time and monitoring their energy usage.  

Fall Maintenance

maintenanceGetting a tune-up at the beginning of the season is a good idea to ensure the heating system does not fail when it gets colder outside. It’s recommended that homeowners hire a professional for maintenance twice a year, once in the spring for the air conditioner and once in the fall for the heater. 

During maintenance appointments, the technician will inspect the system to ensure everything is in good working order. They will recommend replacing worn-out parts and fixing any small problems before they worsen. The HVAC technician will also be able to safely clean the inside of the unit during maintenance appointments to ensure that built-up dust does not lead to a system failure. Heating systems can be hazardous if left in a state of disrepair, so having the system inspected and cleaned regularly is important for keeping the home safe. 

Replace Air Filters

filterAn air filter is a mesh screen that covers the system's air intake to prevent dust and other airborne particles from entering the heating and cooling system. It’s recommended that homeowners change their air filters at least every three months. Changing the air filter at the beginning of fall is an easy way to ensure the heating system runs smoothly. 

Failing to change air filters on time can cause a spike in energy bills and eventually cause the HVAC unit to break down. Another good reason to change the air filter is to improve indoor air quality by keeping dust and other airborne contaminants from recirculating in the air and being inhaled.  

Monitor Energy Bills

Homeowners should also monitor their energy usage this fall and find ways to optimize their HVAC system to save money on energy bills. Installing a smart thermostat makes monitoring energy use through a smartphone app easy. Smart thermostats automatically adjust to maximize energy savings while keeping the home at the ideal temperature. 

Monitoring energy usage can also help homeowners identify potential problems with the HVAC system. A sudden spike in the energy bills could indicate there is something wrong with the system. Homeowners can call a local HVAC company to inspect their HVAC system, find the issue, and provide solutions for improving energy efficiency. 

The start of the fall is also a good time to invest in weatherstripping for windows and doors. Weatherstripping is a method for sealing the cracks around window frames and doors to prevent cold drafts. Keeping the heat in this fall and winter will help homeowners to stay warm and keep energy bills low. 

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