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It's Fall- Time to Schedule Heater Maintenance

Get the Furnace Ready for Winter with Routine Fall Maintenance

With a few warm days still left in the forecast, it may seem too early to start thinking about the heating season. October is still a mild month, so it may be easy to forget that fall and winter are just around the corner. In reality, this is the perfect time to start thinking about the furnace. Early furnace maintenance can ensure that the heater is ready to handle anything that the winter season can throw at it and protect a home from early cold fronts that can drop temperatures. 

This year, get a jump on heater maintenance by listening to the professionals. These local heater maintenance specialists can help homeowners understand why early heater maintenance is important and learn how heater maintenance can help them get the most from their furnace. 

Is Heater Maintenance Worth It?

Spoiler alert: Yes. Heater maintenance is always worth it!

Heaters generally come in two styles in this area. Natural gas furnaces and heat pumps are the most common heaters around, and both are subject to a lot of wear and tear during the heating season. In the case of natural gas heaters, the heat that comes from burning natural gas causes rapid expansion of critical components inside of a furnace. With repeated heating cycles happening constantly during the summer, the cumulative stress on a furnace can be great. Preseason maintenance ensures that the burners and blowers are ready to handle a season of extreme heating. 

With heat pumps, the technology is different, but the principle is the same. In most cases, heat pumps work year round, cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. This means that heat pumps do double the work of a furnace. Scheduling maintenance on a heat pump can ensure that both the cooling and heating systems are mechanically sound and ready to handle heating or cooling a home. 


Isn’t It a Little Early to Start Worrying About Heater Maintenance?


The beginning of the heating season can be a busy time for furnace technicians. All too often, homeowners forgo maintenance which leads to more breakdowns at the beginning of the season. At the very least, they stay busy trying to get to everyone who schedules maintenance once cold temperatures are already around.

Scheduling maintenance early can ensure that a furnace is ready as soon as needed, and it will likely be easier to get quick service. 

What Is Usually Included in Heater Maintenance?heater

Heater maintenance is a complete inspection of a furnace or heat pump aimed at reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and keeping operating costs low. During a routine heater maintenance visit, a technician will perform tasks like:
  • Cleaning and inspecting the burner
  • Checking blowers for integrity and lubricating if necessary
  • Verifying efficiency of furnaces or heat pumps 
  • Complete electrical inspection
  • Check refrigerant pressures in the case of heat pumps
  • Verify safety devices

After heater maintenance, homeowners can be sure that their system is ready to go for the winter. Joining a maintenance program offered by an HVAC company can help homeowners handle seasonal heating and cooling maintenance easily and cheaply. 

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