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Fall Heater Maintenance Tips

How to Get Heating Systems Ready for Fall

This September, homeowners can jumpstart their fall HVAC maintenance to prepare their heating systems for cold weather. Maintenance in the fall can help ensure the heating system runs smoothly all winter long. September may seem early for heating maintenance, but the earlier, the better for promoting efficient heating. In some areas, the temperature drops significantly at night during early fall. 

It is a good idea to do some HVAC maintenance before turning on the heat for the first time in the fall. As the heating system has been lying dormant throughout the hot summer months, it can gather dust and require a tune-up at the beginning of the season change. 

Benefits of HVAC Maintenancebenefits

Benefits of maintenance include:

  • Promotes efficient performance 
  • Lowers utility bills 
  • Better heating capabilities 
  • Prevents system breakdowns
  • Improves the longevity of the system

Heating systems are an important part of how modern homes stay safe and comfortable all winter. Doing routine maintenance goes a long way in preserving the system’s hardware and promoting efficient function. A malfunctioning heating system can drive up utility bills and even be a safety hazard. 

Maintenance appointments can be conveniently scheduled with an experienced local HVAC company at the beginning of the season to give the heating system a tune-up. Doing routine maintenance bi-annually, once for the air conditioning and once for the heater, can improve the heating system’s lifespan and prevent a system breakdown. 

Replacing a heating system can be expensive and time-consuming, so it is worth scheduling the maintenance and preserving the home’s heating system for as long as possible. Another benefit of maintaining the heating system at the start of fall is that it improves performance for more efficient heating. 

What Happens During Heating Maintenance?

During heating maintenance appointments, the technician will have a chance to check for broken or outdated parts. They will take apart the heating system and clean any dust that accumulated inside the unit during the summer that could cause a system malfunction. The technician will also clean the condensate pan and other internal parts of the system that are difficult for homeowners to reach. 

While they're at it, they'll tighten the electrical connections and test for signs of trouble. Electrical problems with HVAC units are one of the leading causes of malfunction and, if left in a state of disrepair, can increase the risk of an electrical fire. The thermostat and control panel will be tested. Any broken or worn-out parts will be replaced to prepare the heating system for winter. 

Servicing HVAC systems should be left up to a professional technician due to the dangers of HVAC repair. Experienced heating technicians undergo extensive training to learn how to work safely on heating systems. An amateur could accidentally hurt themselves, break the heating system, or even start an accidental house fire. 


When Is the Best Time for Heating Maintenance?

One maintenance step that homeowners can take themselves without the help of a technician is to change the air filter on time. Air filters are placed over the air intake of the HVAC system to prevent dust and debris from getting sucked into the unit's inner workings. Homeowners should change their air filters at least every three months. 

When it comes time for scheduling maintenance with a professional, homeowners can get ahead of the game by scheduling in early fall. As the fall and winter progresses, heating repair and maintenance companies get very busy serving their communities. 

Scheduling maintenance early will ensure that the local HVAC company is not too busy and will have time to do maintenance before it gets cold out. It is a good idea to have the heating system ready with routine system maintenance and tune-ups before the first cold front of the year. 

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