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Why Spring is Perfect for AC Maintenance

Scheduling AC Services Before Summer Has Benefits

The list of to-do’s for the home can become long, and with so much already on a homeowner's plate, it’s understandable to put off a few tasks. But, contrary to popular belief, the study of air conditioning maintenance, when scheduled at the right time, can be one of the more manageable tasks on the to-do list! 

This article will explain why homeowners should schedule air conditioner maintenance and why having it done earlier in the year can benefit the home and its occupants. 


Spring Offers More Options for Scheduling

So, why Spring? The short answer is that the busiest times for heating and cooling technicians are winter and summer because temperatures are at their most extreme. Homeowners who call for maintenance this spring will find that they have more scheduling options. 

Many wait until they need repairs before getting the AC checked, and with summer heat making it unbearable to live without a working AC, summer scheduling is jam-packed. Plus, by scheduling to have the air conditioner repaired or checked early in the year, homeowners can spend more time with their families and other home-related projects this summer and less worrying if their AC is working correctly.


Early Maintenance Equals Less Stress

Another reason to schedule AC maintenance this spring is that the earlier the AC unit is serviced, the quicker any potential problem can be reversed. It is vital to catch potential problems quickly because the longer issues are left unattended, the more the situation can worsen, meaning more expensive and complicated repairs.

When homeowners get their AC serviced now, they can relax all summer knowing the AC is working safely and efficiently because professionals were able to fix any issues before they affected the home and its occupants. 

Consistent AC Servicing Saves Money

The pretty penny homeowners pay for their air conditioning units seems only fitting because discussing how proper maintenance can save them money. The average American can spend up to $1,500 per year running the air conditioner. 

Regular maintenance is a must to ensure that an AC unit pushes air through homes effectively without working harder and using more energy. When the AC works more effectively, this reflects on energy bills and saves homeowners money. Also, annual maintenance is drastically cheaper than spending thousands to have the unit replaced five years sooner than it’s supposed to or paying for repairs that could have been prevented or caught sooner during maintenance. 

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