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A New Heating System for the New Year

A New Heater Installation Can Start the New Year Off Right

The start of a new year is the perfect time to plan home improvements. Investing in a new heating system can help prepare the home for the colder, snowier, and rainy months of the year. A new heating system increases the home value and provides warmth more efficiently for lower utility bills. In this blog post, HVAC experts share some signs that it’s time to install a new heating system this year and the types from which homeowners can choose. 

Homeowners can prepare for frigid weather by installing a new heating system now. Waiting until the next snowstorm or ice storm to install a new heating system could be a mistake homeowners regret if they get stuck without heat. The start of the new year is the perfect time to get started on HVAC repairs and installation in preparation for the upcoming year. 

Is it Time for a Heater Replacement? 

Homeowners can expect their heating system to need more frequent repairs or a replacement after about 15 years. After a certain point, it makes more sense financially for homeowners to replace the heating system than to continue making costly repairs to an old system. There are also some additional warning signs that it is time for a heater replacement that homeowners can be on the lookout for. 

Warning signs of a malfunctioning furnace or heater should not be ignored because they could be a safety hazard. Signs include strange noises, burning smells, and inconsistent heating performance. High utility bills are another sign of something wrong with the heating system because an issue in the system can lead to decreased efficiency. Annual heater maintenance is the best way to improve the heating system's lifespan and prevent problems from occurring. 

Choosing the Right Heating Systemheater

There are different types of heating systems that homeowners can choose from. Some of the most common are furnaces, ductless mini splits, and heat pumps. Homeowners can find out which type of heating system is best for their household by consulting with a trusted local HVAC contractor. 

  • Furnace: Furnaces are the most common heating system for modern homes. Furnaces can use electricity or natural gas to create heat for the home. A new gas furnace can heat a home extremely fast compared to an electric furnace. On the other hand, gas furnaces are less eco-friendly than electrical furnaces. 
  • Ductless Mini Split: Ductless mini split heaters provide efficient, zoned heating without requiring ductwork. Unlike traditional forced-air heating systems, ductless mini-split heaters can be installed in virtually any room and provide individualized temperature control in each space. They are also more energy efficient than traditional heating systems and can help lower energy bills. Additionally, they offer greater flexibility in terms of design and placement since they don’t require ductwork. 
  • Heat Pump: The most efficient type of heating system currently on the market is the heat pump system. A heat pump transfers heat or cold from outside into the indoor air. The downside of a new heat pump is that initial installation can be expensive, but it is worth it because of how much can be saved on monthly energy bills. Heat pumps can also be used to both heat and cool a home.

Schedule Heating Maintenance 

maintainingThe best way to protect the investment in a new heater is to keep up with routine heating maintenance. Neglecting heater maintenance can lead to inefficient performance, higher utility bills, taking years off of the lifespan of a heating system, and preventable repairs. 

During maintenance appointments, the technician will have a chance to inspect the system for signs of damage and perform small repairs. Tightening loose parts, replacing outdated parts, and cleaning the inside of the system can go a long way in improving performance and efficiency. Regular maintenance keeps utility bills low, improves the lifespan of the hardware, and keeps the household safe from potential heating emergencies. 

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